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    สโมสรฟุตบอลกาตาร์ ฑิฆัมพร

    Helping young people and their families

    Knowles Centre is a community-based, nonprofit social service agency for children, adolescents and young adults facing difficult times in their lives.

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    Our Programs

    Knowles Centre offers 6 core programs

    We provide a range of therapeutic and skills-based programs to young people from Manitoba and other communities throughout Canada.

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    Experience and certified facilitators

    We provide training opportunities for youth care workers, support staff, foster parents, paraprofessionals, teachers, social workers, managers and supervisors.

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    Recent News

    • Jan

      Knowles receives funding from Bell Let's Talk Community Fund
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    • Nov

      Staff Profile: Lesley Gosselin featured in Child and Youth Workers' Association of Manitoba Newsletter
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    • Oct

      Knowles Centre continues evolving
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    • Dec

      New look for Knowles Centre
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